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Top WAIL Tracks


Fallen Union - Los Angeles, CA - Rock 

Brought into existence in the Summer of 2014, Fallen Union is an electrifying rock band that has made their mark in the So Cal music scene and continue to spread their compelling sound. On stage, they are packed with energy…

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Dead Reckoning - Columbus, GA - Metal 

Metal music is a precision mixture of crushing guitars/bass, insane drums and black tales to be told. Its roots cut deep, like knives piercing through your enemies heart. Insane guitar riffs offered up by veteran guitarist Mike “K-OS” Spriggs drive…

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The Mayan Factor - Baltimore, MD - Progressive Rock 

The Mayan Factor is charismatic and progressively refined in their ability to compose music that resonates with themes of death, loss, grievance, angst and pain. Often embracing the shadow aspects of the human experience, their songs have diverse variety, each…

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High Horse - Kelowna, BC - Math/Fuzz Rock 

As die-hard deviants when it comes to music styles, High Horse is an outlandish anomaly of a project. It's so rare to hear such an offbeat yet infectious sound at the same time that it's almost surreal. On guitar, Brian…

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The Stereo Anthems - Vancouver, BC   Blues Rock/Heavy Rock 

The Stereo Anthems is the brainchild of singer/guitarist Clayton Brown, drummer Aaron Kinsman and bassist Irv Loewen. Their track "Finding My Way" is packed with passion-fueled guitar interludes, powerful sharp drums, and smooth, raw vocals. The song "Walk Away" demonstrates…

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Boddah - Springfield, MO - Rock/Alt Rock/Grunge 

Filled with the angst and grit of grunge, and the captivating melodies of alternative rock, Boddah is a unique, laid-back trio with a catchy sound and retro feel. Guitarist, Travis Tuck sings lead vocals with enticing melodies in his own…

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Firebringer - Kiev, Ukraine - Alternative Metal

Firebringer is a cacophony of epic proportions with a powerful, darkened melodic-metal sound; fit for a stadium with nefarious, rhythmic vocals with very dynamic stylings. The relentless momentum created by this force is infectious and intriguing to the listener…

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AndEver - San Diego, CA - Alt Metal 

Incorporating beautiful melodies with stirring epic metal aesthetics, AndEver is a majestic two-piece project filled with somber yet uplifting sentiments. Originally brought to fruition with an acoustic dynamic, the duo began writing a string of ballads; infusing angelic, powerful vocal…

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Drenched In Fear - Wausau, WI    Death Metal 

Drenched in Fear is an ear-ripping, death-stomping, extreme metal band; laying waste to crowds and breaking necks with some diabolically furious heavy sounds. Jay Neuens spawns this gut-wrenching growl of gargantuan proportions. He consistently unleashes a roar that makes your…

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Shit Happens Inc - Albuquerque, NM - Rock, Metal 

With eighteen years of rockin' countless bars, biker rallies, and clubs across the Southwest United States under their belt, Shit Happens Inc (S.H.I.) is a fiery heavy rock band dedicated to giving any party they play a kick in the…

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