KAYAS - Melodic Death Metal - Vancouver, BC

Photo: Jocelyn Tang Creative Rising out of the Pacific Northwest Music scene comes Kayas; a siege of heavy, blackened venturous metal sounds in the vein of Scandinavian melodic death metal. The four-piece recently released their debut EP…

Midsummer Dream- Release new EP 'Vulnerable'

Photo: Anthony Catalano

Once you listen to Midsummer Dream, it's not easily forgotten..  This attention-grabbing Pop-Punk/Rock band from Port St. Lucie, FL established their modern sound with their first EP 'Light Up The Sky', released worldwide on May…

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RaDIUM - Los Angeles, CA - Rock

Los Angeles based band RaDIUM has fused together their broad artistic tastes with technicality, depth and intelligence to design what can be described as a haunting lamentation brooding with a soul-consuming sound that is well worth a place in any…

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Advorsa - Chicago, IL - Death Metal 

Like a soundtrack to the zombie apocalypse, Advorsa makes your head bang and your skin crawl. This is an intense style that blends different influences of extreme metal into one brutal beast. The band utilizes transitions from death metal to…

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Waking Mayhem - Edmonton, AB - Thrash/Death Metal 

Hellbent on performing faster and heavier, Waking Mayhem is pushing the limits of metal with their apocalyptic sound. Blasting sheer chaotic fury, their new EP, 'War Of Attrition' is a crushing piece of death-thrash brutality. The feral, four-piece of…

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DOWNFALL 2012 - Houston, TX - Metal

Downfall 2012 has a fist-pumping, action-packed sound that will have you doing double-takes in disbelief that the band is a power trio. Gripping and fierce alternative metal vocals drive the project along with riveting melodies and an unshakeable heaviness that…

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Dematus - Pittsburgh, PA - Rock/Metal

With a spooky, carnival aesthetic, Dematus is a freakish new age hybrid project with heavy emphasis on contrast between dark and light. Jessica, the silver-tongued vocalist and guitarist, uses her alluring, ethereal voice, haunting its way into your head with…

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