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TAIPAN - Phoenix, AZ - Metal

Top WAIL Tracks

Jack Zhou - Vancouver, BC - Instrumental Rock

The classical virtuosity of guitar player, Jack Zhou, is epic and dramatic in this melodic, instrumental progressive metal project. In 2018, with just under a decade of dedicated guitar playing under his belt, Jack released his full-length album, 'Livin' the

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Squidhammer Metal - New Music Video, "Chapter Two"

Brace for impact from the titanic dual of Headbanger Metal and Hard Rock N' Roll colliding in this badass sound! Squidhammer Metal is a powerful and extreme sound coming out of Watertown, Wisconsin. Formed by Jake Hiller on Vocals…

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Silence The Voice - Phoenix, AZ - Metalcore

Thundering like a raging storm, Silence The Voice is representing a heavy, resilient style and striving to change many lives. Gabe Greene on vocals has a powerful, rich metal voice with inspiring and strong themes of resistance. On guitars, Marc…

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Sloppy Joe's - Hamburg, Germany - Rock

Sloppy Joe's is a blast of powerful melodies, dirty guitar riffs, edgy bass, and thundering drum beats driven with the catchy vocals of guitar player Jesse Garon. Johnny Angel (Bass) has a high-energy presence both on stage and in his…

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