The Just Reverie

WAIL Music Magazine shines spotlight on

The Just Reverie

Portland, OR

Genre: Indie Rock

New Album Release: Beyond The Blackberry (Jan 29, 2018)


From the coast of the Pacific Northwest, The Just Reverie delivers an Indie Rock sound with soul. Since releasing their independent 2011 EP, they have been featured on several radio stations in Portland, and continue to pour their hearts into their craft. Soft, subtle vocal harmonies, with guitar solos that speak volumes, The Just Reverie's sound is memorable, unique and truly authentic. We really enjoy the songs "Poetry and Eulogy", "Reality Bites" and "You Lost". 

Be sure to check out their new album "Beyond The Blackberry" set to release on Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, and all other streaming platforms, on January 29, 2018.


Listen to The Just Reverie here:

The Just Reverie Official Website:


Band Members:

Daniel Cheeks (Vocals, Guitar)

Adam Brzycki (Vocals, Guitar)

Jereme Roach (Drums)



                                                          Photography by Daniel Cheeks, Image Editing by Lauren Portrait


Article by J.R McKeague (Jan, 2018)

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