Pacha Papa

WAIL Music Magazine shines spotlight on

Neo-Shipibo Boii, Pacha Papa 

Vancouver, BC.

Genre: Neotribal Bass


Pacha Papa is a Canadian born Producer, Composer & Refiner with Indigenous roots from Peru. Pacha is known for his fusion of world music with sub frequencies in a unique style which he coins as "NeoTribal Bass Music."  Not only is Pacha Papa a multi-faceted artist, he is also a compassionate, community minded individual with a big heart, and a smile that lights up every room he enters. 

Aside from his musical projects, Pacha is also known as a highly skilled technical adviser. He specialises in User Experience,  being the refiner of all teams that he works with. He offers much more than technical support, as he pours his heart into each venture, and upgrades those around him. 

Pacha Papa has been producing music for a little shy of a decade, and has found his iconic sound these last 5 years. 

Pacha Papa has already released two EP's, HOME and Old Growth (links below) and his first debut Album is set to release on Valentines day, 2018 and will feature many collaborations with aspiring vocalists & producers. Some of his career highlights so far, include playing sets at Blessed Coast Festival and Luminosity. 

Be sure to check out Pacha's personal favourite tracks, "Oasys" and "Paulo Trees" (links below)


Upcoming shows

Sept 22nd, 2017 on Salt Spring Island (Leaf Dispensary), and Scandinavia Tour 2018/2019.


Festival Sets:

-Blessed Coast 2015, 2016, 2017

-Luminosity 2017



Pacha Papa's previous 2 EP's (HOME, and Old Growth) are available on Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp & Soundcloud. 



Instagram : pachapapa




Article written in collaboration, by Pacha Papa and JR McKeague (2017)




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