The Blue Collar Army

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The Blue Collar Army

Skellefteå, Sweden

Release: NORRLAND (2018)

Genre: Post-Metal, Doom, Ambient


Delivering up screaming sounds of fury against political oppression in their homeland of Sweden, is The Blue Collar Army, with their 4th EP release titled, NORRLAND (June 18, 2018) from the Ladysnow Society. Their lyrical content challenges Swedish government, with themes discussing colonization, high taxes and environmental damage. This band is a heavy headbanging group that breaks the binds of genre and creates their own unique sound. With impressive vocal range from band member, and scream artist The Party Bear, dynamic drums by The Old Man, epic guitar riffs by The Englishman and The Pig, and distinctive bass accompaniment by Baron von Horst, this group is anything but conformist, and is sure to spark a passionate flame of defiance in any metal lover's soul. 

If you want some serious chills, be sure to check out the new music video for track "Aurora", the first single off of NORRLAND.

"Aurora" Music Video:


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Article by JR McKeague (2018)


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