Greg in Good Company

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Greg in Good Company

Album: American Way (2018)

Los Angeles, California

Sound: Rock, Folk Punk, Country


WAIL Music Magazine is proud to present this creative, intellectual 5-piece Indie- Rock band, Greg in Good Company. Consisting of former comedian, frontman Greg Gilman (vocals/guitar), Lee (vocals/piano), Alexa Brinkschulte (drums), Alex U'Ren (bass), and Marty Vites (guitar). 

Showcasing a truly unique sound, their album American Way (2018) demonstrates impressive variety in song writing ability, with no two tracks sounding alike. Delivering thought provoking lyricism, and upbeat instrumentals, their sound is an eclectic cocktail fusion of Country, Folk, Alternative Rock and Punk. Greg in Good Company is widely accessible to fans of many different genres, with lyrics discussing love, ideology, American culture, politics and feel good vibes that celebrate liberty and authentic expression. 

We recommend listening to the tracks, "Damn Sure" a super chill, feel good love song, "Follow" a tongue in cheek, upbeat commentary on social media, and "Love" a super catchy, high energy romantic track, with interesting instrumental composition, and dynamic vocals.


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Article by JR McKeague (2018)

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