Astral Cloud Ashes

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Astral Cloud Ashes

Sound: Pop-Punk, Emo-Rock

Album: Dear Absentee Creator (May 2018)


Drawing influence from the rise of Bitcoin and Japanese culture, Astral Cloud Ashes is a one-man-band from Jersey (Channel Islands). In his newest album release titled, "Dear Absentee Creator",  Astral Cloud Ashes showcases a wide variety of sound, lyric and melody from track to track. With unique spoken-word, clear vocals and charismatic sharp guitar accompaniment, each track is truly original. A fusion of Indie, Emo-Rock, Pop-Punk, Astral Cloud Ashes will not easily fit under one single genre definition. Heartfelt, raw, emotionally dense and consistently catchy, you will definitely find something to enjoy in this diverse album. 

Be sure to check out our favourite tracks "Old Moods" and "Ironed Shirts"

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Article by J.R McKeague (2018)

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