Alien Country

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Alien Country

Tampa Florida, USA

Album: Like My Life Depends On It (2018)

Genre(s): Modern Country Rock, Sci-Fi Country


WAIL Music Magazine is stoked to present Alien Country, a Sci-Fi Country Music solo project by Liam Torres. This multi-faceted artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist is also an incredible multi-tasker who balances his creative projects while homeschooling six children. Daring and unique in his presentation and musical choices, his love of Science Fiction fuses with his love for Country Music in his newest self-produced album release titled, Like My Life Depends On It (released July 11, 2018). Liam creates a progressive new sound in the Country Music genre, as he incorporates unorthodox instruments such as the Ukulele and Theremin to his complex tracks, giving them each a profoundly distinct extraterrestrial feel, with classic Country roots. Be sure to check out tracks "So Called Life" and "Reality Checks", as well as support this rising star by buying his music on Bandcamp! 


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Album art by Art Director Hugh Syme

Article by JR McKeague (2018)



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