Caleb Hart - Salt Spring Island, BC - Island Soul, Reggae 

Born and raised in beautiful Trinidad & Tobago, Caleb Hart is a natural entertainer and performer. Taking his music around the world to Australia, New Zealand, USA, and The Caribbean, he has performed well over 850 live shows, released 5 records, 12 singles, and won multiple well-deserved awards. Thriving off of the collective unity of humankind, every time Caleb steps on stage it is undeniably apparent that he is exactly where he needs to be; radiating an infectious energy and passion towards every soul in the crowd. His debut solo EP, ‘Island Soul’ was released in June 2017, and his debut EP with the band The Royal Youths, ‘OrigiNation’ was released the following September. Caleb's latest solo LP, '11' features 11 original tracks and is already available on all major music platforms. The album, produced by Trinidad & Tobago’s Track7, will be released on limited edition vinyl and USB in May 2019. Caleb's mission is to spread songs of hope and unity wherever he goes and wherever his music is played. Whether touring with a band or as a solo performer,  he brings a one-of-a-kind, genuine, soulful performance and has the ability to bring the audience together for the show and beyond.  - J. Wesley

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