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Deep Down Yonder -"Journeys" Album Review

Psychedelic and groovy instrumental music featuring cheerful and homely banjo sounds. Journeys has a trance-like effect on you constantly pulling and tugging your attention here and there playfully. Deep Down Yonder creates fun, catchy and light-hearted melodies with the banjo…

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Victoria Ska & Reggae Festival

If you're anywhere in the Pacific Northwest this June, pack your bags and hit up the Ska & Reggae Fest in Victoria! 

June 20-24th AWESOME bands like BCs own The Dreadnoughts, Caleb Hart & the Royal Youths, Back Eddy & The Procrastinators…

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The Avulsion - Unholy EP Review

Shawn from the Concrete Wasteland podcast here with Lethbridge Deathgrind kings "The Avulsion" with their 2015 EP "Unholy". This is the second last release with Greg Mayer on bass, and the final release from Brady Everleigh on vocals. 


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JAHGERNAUT: Interview with Grizz

WAIL got the chance to catch up with Grizz from the up and coming Toronto heavy metal group, JAHGERNAUT (Jaw-ger-not). They just released their new EP entitled "Dark Time" which has some KILLER metal riffs, DEADLY double kicks and INTENSE vocals making this a…

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WAIL's Contest winner: REDSON

Introducing Redson out of Pittsburgh! What a high energy badass spin on some old school punk rock n' roll! Super psyched on the musicianship, uniqueness and potential that Redson shows! You guys WAIL!!! We are going to help this band out with…

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Rise As Legends

Rise as Legends is a melodic death metal outfit hailing from Fort Collins, on the north end of Colorado's majestic front range. Initially formed in 2015 as a metalcore project in the vein of Trivium and Avenged Sevenfold, the quartet's…

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World Class White Trash EP Review

Shawn from the Concrete Wasteland podcast here with an early review of the much anticipated release of extreme groove metal band World Class White Trash, and their EP "Dying in Slow Motion" due to be released digitally in the spring…

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The Press Gang

If passion were the key ingredient for success, The Press Gang would be the biggest band on the planet. Founding member Colin McCulloch, however, is satisfied just to have survived the last eleven years, playing music he loves and building a…

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Western Death

Western Death is a Medicine Hat punk band straight from the days that Tony Hawk was huge and the punk music you'd find on his games were rampant all over the place. There was a reason it was so popular…

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Nate Bohnet - Therapeutic Destruction LP

This is Shawn from the Concrete Wasteland podcast and I am here with a rare treat. I got my hands on the Therapeutic Destruction LP from Concrete Wasteland's own Nate Bohnet. It is due to be released on bandcamp later…

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2017 was the year for Vukovi. It may not be a name familiar to you yet, however, it won’t be long until they’re rocking the stadiums around the globe. They released their self- titled album on the 10th March 2017…

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