Support the independent music scene by guest writing for WAIL Music Magazine!

Write something professional about the music scene, being a musician or an article on a great local band. If you attach pictures they must have written permission from the band unless we supplied you with a band. Also be sure to include all relevant social media links. If you wish please use the free version of Grammarly to keep your articles professional!

Send it to us via mail: WAILmusicmag (@) gmail (.) com 
Subectj: {Band name } Article submission


1. For continuity purposes of our content, we ask that you refrain from using other artists' names in the representation of the artist you are writing about. This keeps them more unique to the listener without "piggy-backing" on bigger names.

2. Please keep the article about what the artist's music SOUNDS like and how it makes the listener feel and the atmosphere it portrays. Get a nice flow to it,

3. Bust out a thesaurus to get some fresh words in your vocabulary if you need to! 

4. Please refrain from putting "{band name} is a {genre} band from {city}" as that will be in the title of their article.

5. Please don't include unnecessary details such as ex-band members, who recorded their music (unless specifically requested by the band), how the band met, where they went to high school etc.

Have fun with it and support the independent music scene!

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