TUBE SCREAMER: Silver-lining Electronic Music

As part of the great coalition of bassline music take over, Tube Screamer offers a grey area in house music, the not so classic glitch bass stabs over jacking beats, distorted guitars and psychedelic magnetic energy that drives more into dub and electro. Tube Screamer has been touring for the past 4 years around Canada sharing an experience in multi genre mixing and live guitars. Sharing Stage with Addisson Groove, DJ HVAD, Thieves like us, Emotionz, DJ praiz, Featurecast, Adam Shaikh, Lambo, Crystal fresh, Chris Komus and MT EDEN. As part of the new wave of music being released from the mountains of Canada. Here are the Colombian grooves of Tube Screamer. This new album is the expression of Tube Screamers love for Eclectic sounds. With collaborations from artists across Canada. “Eyes into the future” EP will be released shortly along with remixes from Knows, Organicstatic, Ambrosia skylab and Davey Verkowitz. This album also has the amazing artist Jaimony Eyesha working on the art for the cover. 

Tube Screamer is the sum of ground shaking bass and different sonic tubes. This sound is also characteristic for remixes. Some of the artists remixed are The Crystal Method, Stamba, Opiuo, Mark Schultz, Theo Tzu, Hyper Nashion and Ind. FX. Tube Screamer has delivered 8 Albums and 4 Eps with original sounds and remixes by different artists that join Tube Screamer on the road or in the studio. 

Live, Tube Screamer offers an epic and overwhelming experience. Distorted guitars, tubes screaming and melodies created for states of uplifting energy trance. It is an explosion of energy along with bass and psychedelic music. Tube Screamer has been present in different festivals around south America and north America like Revelation (BC) Connect(SK), Majestic meadows(AB), Bogotrax(COL), Headcrusher(COL), Dimensional Rift(MB), Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition (MEME) 

His new studio album promises to be, by far his most innovative approach to music along with some amazing album collaborations and remixers. 


Exclusive Preview of Tube Screamer's Unreleased track "Eyes into the Future" (Original Mix)

Embed for Tube Screamer - Eyes into the future (Original Mix)