Silence The Voice - Phoenix, AZ - Metalcore

Thundering like a raging storm, Silence The Voice is representing a heavy, resilient style and striving to change many lives. Gabe Greene on vocals has a powerful, rich metal voice with inspiring and strong themes of resistance. On guitars, Marc Augustine and Mario Gaspar provide some heavy duty metal riffs with the booming resonance of bassist Daniel Murphy. Steven Green annihilates the drums with double kicks and hard-hitting energy. The band is well-fused together and have a seamless flow that any heavy metal fan would appreciate.

They've gone through turmoil in their lives past and present, and want to get their music out to anybody and everybody struggling in their daily lives; fighting an endless battle and feeling hopeless and helpless. These guys are all about encouraging their listeners to keep pushing through and in the end it will all be worth it. Check out their KILLER track, "Darkheart."

Embed for Silence The Voice - Darkheart

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