Rob B Stardust (RSD)

Genre: 808 Bass, Techhouse, Future Bass  

RSD has been playing music for 25 years. Everything that he works for is music, and producing high quality sounds. He enrolled into the Selkirk College of Music program in 2004 where he studied piano under one of Canada's top pianists. RSD pushed hard through the program playing in multiple live acts and graduating with honours receiving a Diploma in Performance. For the next decade RSD was a top pianist in any city or town where he was living. Always networking he has made a name for himself as one of the top players amongst true working and touring musicians. RSD has played with many of Canadians top bands and electronic artists. RSD has had the honour to play at the Banff International Jazz Festival, Calgary’s 2011 Reggae Fest, and multiple bars and clubs around western Canada. He is proving to be one of the top piano players, and producers in Western Canada. Currently living in Golden, BC embracing the essence of mountain life and inspired by the surrounding natural beauty, RSD is able to draw and capture sounds and vibrations from multiple angles.  

RSD setup consists of Ableton live , APC40 controller, Roland TR-8, Micro Korg Synth, and Nord Electro 3 keyboard. RSD’s sets are live, exciting and very engaged with the crowd. Taking you on psychedelic journeys through time and space. You’ll find yourself dancing the night away. RSD finds his music influences along side with Perfect Driver’s artist roster, and future sounds of Space Jesus and Esseks. Blending future bass and sequenced tech sounds, RSD sound is a great rave style that proves itself on every set.  

As RSD moves forward make sure to keep updated by following him on Instagram, Soundcloud and Facebook. RSD recently has released his GLDNLGHTZ EP.  

Upcoming Shows: May 6th Paracosm Festival, Nakusp BC  

                            June 1st WISE Hall, Electric Stardust Tour, Vancouver BC