ROADRASH - Vancouver, BC - Speed/Heavy Metal

ROADRASH is the go-to band for long-haired denim & leather maniacs who thrive on 80's thrash/speed metal, crossover, and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. The gritty, high energy band is leading the forefront in Western Canada of the New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal.

Spawned in 2013, the band has been dedicated to crafting a vintage style of heavy metal that has been long forgotten by modern music. ROADRASH's sound would be best described as if you took the raw energy of the riffs from classic rock n' roll bands & injected them into the powerful and fast NWOBHM sound of the early 80's. The spirit of kickass old school rock n' roll is alive and kicking ferociously with ROADRASH. After their demo 'You Know The Point'  was self-released in 2014, the line-up became locked in. The band released their debut album, 'Thunder In Paradise' in November 2017. 

The band works hard to keep the traditional metal scene alive in BC. Selective gigging in their native province and staying true to their sound keeps their fanbase linear & growing. It has also led them to share the stage with bands like  Diamond Head, Thor, Savage Master, Bewitcher, Vicious Rumours, Venom Inc & earned the band a slot on several international festivals. 

David Hammer supplies some ground-breaking bass lines and wicked bass runs that fuel the band's high energy sound. His vocals are gritty and fierce with catchy lyrics that get the audience psyched! With a charismatic stage presence and a wicked set of pipes on him, he's a true rock n' roll frontman. Bare Bones brings mad hype to the project with his powerful backup vocals and adds a killer driving force to the band with his rhythm guitar riffs that clock in well over any speed limit. Benny Burn brings some crazy lead guitar chops to the table, shrieking ear-piercing lead solos over the fast riffing in the tracks and chimes with backup vocals for a thick wall of group vocals. Tom Gerrieros Sadek is a relentless thrash machine! His drumming is like doing speed, standing on the hood of a car going down the highway. Super stoked to hear music like this making a strong comeback!  These guys put on a hell of a show so be sure to check out ROADRASH's upcoming show dates!

J. Wesley - WAIL
Photos Credits: Majestic Mayhem (top), Scott Fraser Photography (middle) 

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Embed for ROADRASH - Turbulence