Misery Tomb - Edmonton, AB  - Doom, Punk 

Inspired by horror flicks and all that is creepy and evil, Misery Tomb brings forth their unique style of horrorpunk, hardcore and thrash. Harking back to the genres' glory years, the group sounds familiar, but revitalized and fresh; injecting horrorpunk and crossover with character that has been missed for decades. The dual guitar attack of Nathan O. and Josh K. fuse metal riffs and solos with hardcore, never letting the intensity up, while also lending to the vocal duties. Tanner G. is the main vocalist and lays down the heavy foundation on bass. Having three of the members sing and chant livens up the chorus' with that classic hardcore style. On drums is Trin D., who blasts the thrash and punk beats with the best of them. This group's style is grim and heavy and would attract fans of both punk and metal. Misery Tomb is touring this Summer and Fall, as well as putting on a two-day festival in Edmonton, Alberta. Check them out on social media for touring and festival information. - Jared Fournier

Pictures © Dana Zuk Photography

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