Jack Zhou - Vancouver, BC - Instrumental Rock

The classical virtuosity of guitar player, Jack Zhou, is epic and dramatic in this melodic, instrumental progressive metal project. In 2018, with just under a decade of dedicated guitar playing under his belt, Jack released his full-length album, 'Livin' the Moments', showcasing his dynamic composition styles and intricate guitar abilities. Well-versed in a variety of rock and metal styles, Jack infuses a classical more traditional style of song composition with moving, hard rock melodies and edgy metal riffs. Jack Zhou has a ton of diversity in his rhythm patterns, modes, and tonalities in his guitar playing that evolves and transpires into an adventure down a seemingly unbeaten path. Many moods and different ambiance are set on the album; most notably the fierce, chaotic, ascending vibrations of, "Conquer the Force." It effectively contrasts the polar opposite track that precedes it, "Loneliness" soulful, sorrowful dark song that is more set in stone and calming in its own dark, isolated way. "The Warrior" is a heavy duty anthemic call-to-arms, laden with triumphant, stirring melodies marking an impactful journey. Check out Jack Zhou on Spotify and Facebook

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Photo: Matt Martinez