Deep Down Yonder -"Journeys" Album Review

Psychedelic and groovy instrumental music featuring cheerful and homely banjo sounds. Journeys has a trance-like effect on you constantly pulling and tugging your attention here and there playfully. Deep Down Yonder creates fun, catchy and light-hearted melodies with the banjo, dobro, bass and intrigues you with captivating tones and sound effects. Articulate and skillful as it is peaceful and care free, the explorative sounds and good vibes in Journeys will fondly stick with you. With a constant momentum it drifts to new environments, feelings and new musical territories. Tying all of this character together, the thoughtful, intricate track layering in the compositions make for a true masterpiece of dynamic musical atmosphere. This album has a nonchalant and eclectic vibe combining a country mountain sound with a chill electronic atmosphere.  

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