Boddah - Springfield, MO - Rock/Alt Rock/Grunge 

Filled with the angst and grit of grunge, and the captivating melodies of alternative rock, Boddah is a unique, laid-back trio with a catchy sound and retro feel. Guitarist, Travis Tuck sings lead vocals with enticing melodies in his own rugged style and has a rough aesthetic with his vocals that give the sound a real and raw feel. Bassist and backup vocalist, Michael Yarnall is the newest member of the group. He has performed as lead vocalist in many touring bands and picked up the bass for a new challenge. Brian Matney is behind the drum kit as well as on backup vocals, adding a heavy, down-tempo feel to the sound that fits their melancholic atmosphere. Brian has played with Tiny Red Spiders and toured with some big names in the 90s. These guys rock a highly listenable sound that's familiar yet unique and will hit the spot for any grunge rock fanatic. - J. Wesley

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