Advorsa - Chicago, IL - Death Metal 

Like a soundtrack to the zombie apocalypse, Advorsa makes your head bang and your skin crawl. This is an intense style that blends different influences of extreme metal into one brutal beast. The band utilizes transitions from death metal to groove to thrash flawlessly while throwing in blast beats and slam elements throughout. The guitarists Noah and Jorge masterfully blend brutal and fast riffs with slow melodic leads that flow between powerful bends and descending and ascending solos. Low yet raspy vocals from Angelo Hakey are not overly guttural but strikingly distorted bringing a raw and unapologetic deliverance. The bottom-heavy production showcases the heavy bass end supplied by James Lenten, skillfully showcasing his chops. The drumming by Hector Huizar is relentless and technical; complimenting the extreme yet varied style Advorsa plays. Their earlier self-titled release is more in the traditional brutal death metal style, with their obvious unique spin on the genre, while their more recent work on 'Corruptor Of Dead Flesh' advances the style and really shows the groups' progressed songwriting and technical abilities. Fans of most extreme genres would find Advorsa's style worthy of repeat listens, even with a sore neck.  - Jared Fournier

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