The Goldwyn Experiment

WAIL Music Magazine shines spotlight on

The Goldwyn Experiment

Montreal, Canada

Release: Avenue B (Nov 2, 2018)


WAIL Music Magazine presents The Goldwyn Experiment, a Progressive, Rock, Jazz, Pop brainchild of Guitarist/Keyboardist/ Songwriter Goldwyn Thandrayen. After a year in production phase, this new album titled Avenue B, is set to release Nov 2, 2018. Delivering up a unique sound that fuses Goldwyn's inspirations from Jazz, with his passion for Rock n' Roll, this 11 track album is sure to keep your attention from start to finish. Avenue B showcases the vast talents of Art Hirahara on Piano, Keys,  Evan Gregor rocking the Upright Bass, Kenny Grohowski jamming the Drums and Guest Vocalist Wilson Li showing off his dynamic range. Eclectic instrumental compositions from band members, combined with skilled, quick lyrical content from featured Rappers Tyler Guest and Tommy, Goldwyn's track "Bad Boy Summer" is pure gold.

Watch the music video for "Bad Boy Summer" here:

And stay tuned for the release of  Avenue B this November!

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Article by JR McKeague 2018

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