New Sincerity Works

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New Sincerity Works

Album: Wonder Lust 

Genres: Guitar Pop, Indie Rock, Rock

Cincinnati, Ohio


WAIL Music Magazine is stoked to present Indie-Rock group, New Sincerity Works, and to showcase their most recent album release titled, "Wonder Lust" (Sept 19, 2017)

New Sincerity Works delivers genuine and tender lyrics, in cohesion with catchy Guitar Pop instrumentals, and Americana musical compositions, that are sure to have you tapping your feet, and singing along. With relatable, emotion filled lyric content, touching on subjects such as love, devotion, and every day life experiences, their music is uplifting and memorable.

Some of our favourite tracks include "Love to Love the Love", "Hearts Transplanted" and, "To Be Kissed Like That".


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Just Like Vapor: 
Love to Love the Love:


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New Sincerity Works' "Wonder Lust"


Mike Tittel: Songs, Vocals, Guitar, Drums,Keyboards (Roger Klug Power Trio, The Loud Family) 
Roger Klug: Guitar, Vocals (Roger Klug Power Trio, The Willies) 
Lauren Bray: Vocals, Keyboards 
Greg Tudor: Drums, Vocals, Pedal Steel (Roger Klug Power Trio, Cari Clara) 
Bob Nyswonger: Bass, Vocals (pyschodots, The Bears, The Raisins, Adrian Belew) 
Mike Landis: Guitar, Keyboards, Mixing (Cover Model, Promenade and The Great Modern)

Produced by Mike Tittel    //    Label: Unsigned Butter



Article by JR McKeague (Feb, 2018)







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