Luca Bash

WAIL Music Magazine shines spotlight on

Luca Bash

Turin, Italy

Genre: Soft Rock, Funk, Jam Pop, Fusion

Album: Keys of Mine (2017)


Luca Bash is known for his strange, emotion filled, poetic, and interpretive lyricism. With a passion for creating connection with the audience, and authentic expression drawn from his personal perspective, Luca Bash (& Friends), presents "Keys of Mine", a self-produced LP released this year.  These tracks range from melancholic and dreamy, to raw, heart-breakingly tragic, and true to form, Luca delivers each track with creative, memorable and unique style.

"With songs that explore that nature of religion to the very nature of reality, I like to touch delicate points that usually are not "suggested" to sell. Unafraid to address controversy and yet always full of love I feel easy about changing this world one song at time." -Luca Bash 

Watch music video for "The Sun's Everlasting Smile" here:

Watch the music video for "Forever Like Asleep" here:

Listen & Buy "Keys of Mine" here:



Luca Bash; Singer - Songwriter - R. Guitar 
Alessandro Cioffi; Drums 
Alessandro Matilli; KeyBoards 
Riccardo Ascani; Bass 
Giova Pes; Lead Guitar 
Duilio Ingrosso; Sax


Article by JR McKeague (2017)

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