Les Gruf and the Billy Goat

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Les Gruf and the Billy Goat

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Genre(s): Americana, Folk Rock, Bluegrass

Recent Release: Les Gruf and the Billy Goat 


With Bluegrass sounds, and a modern twist on Country and Rock, Les Gruf and the Billy Goat present their new self-titled album, set to release December 8, 2018. Fast paced, quick witted and raw, this six-piece band doesn't hold back in their deliverance. Check out their edgy new single titled "Two Stepping into Sin" which features classic country twang vocals, and story telling lyrical themes on drinking whiskey, two stepping and making love. Another song off their latest self-titled release that caught our attention, and is also gaining popularity across the Midwest and Southern USA, is the track titled "Evil Dancers". With red hot fiddle accompaniment, spicy piano interludes and melancholic, poetic narrative lyrics, "Evil Dancers" showcases an impressive vocal range from lead singer Billy Croghan. 

Stay tuned for Les Gruf and the Billy Goat releasing this December! 


Article by JR McKeague (2018)

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