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Cincinnati, OH

Genre: Progressive Rock

EP: Oculus (2017)

  In their second EP release titled "Oculus", Fracktura delivers a very unique sound, with creative compilations that are quirky, eerie and so very intriguing. An impressive collaboration project between many diverse musicians, Fracktura is a recipe of unpredictable Jazz qualities, with haunting vocals and instrumentals. There is nothing mundane or mainstream about "Oculus", so if you are looking for something a whole lot different, and enjoy experimental compilations, you are sure to enjoy this album. 

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All lyrics by Diogo Oliveira 
Artwork and logo by Leandro Oliveira 
Drums performed by Julio |Slayer| Oliveira and recorded by Mauricio Avila (Estudio Sonidus) 
Saxophone on Gold Spectrum performed by Ander Peterson 
Piano on You and Identidade performed by Soojin Kim 
Recorded and mixed by Jake |Kricket| November 2016 - March 2017 
Produced by Machado 
Mastered by Kim Pensyl April 2017


Article by JR McKeague, 2017

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