WAIL Music Magazine shines spotlight on 


Pavia, Italy

LP: And The Stars Above

Genre: World, Progressive Rock, Electronic


Unlike anything you've ever heard before, Armonite is breaking barriers and creating their own genre in music. This Progressive Rock band fuses Electronic sounds, with World (and out-of-this-world) flavor and multi-dimensional Rock instrumentals. Stretching and inspiring the imaginations of listeners, their sound takes one on a journey through an extraterrestrial soundscape. Sprinkled with violins, and popping with a diverse range of unexpected instrumental accompaniments of all sounds and styles, these Italian creative geniuses have truly mastered the art of non-conformity. Check out tracks "Freaks" and "Clouds Collide" from their LP release titled "And The Stars Above" . 


Clouds Collide:

Article by JR McKeague (2018)

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