21 Grams More

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21 Grams More

Greater Boston, MA

Genre: Blues Rock


We are stoked to present 21 Grams More from Greater Boston, MA. Their sound is classic Blues Rock in the modern age. Delivering a unique sound with edge, front man Kamal Jackson has a memorable, raspy style as Lead Vocals, and a dynamic range. Jeff Nilsen and Mike Franklin's guitar riffs are catchy and uninhibited. Steve Savoie showcases upbeat skills on the keys, and Bob Atkins brings the funk on the bass. Chris Cardinale demonstrates a wide variety of beats throughout each track on the drums.

We are especially stoked on their single titled "Wine From Water", and also the track "Northern Lights". 

Check out their website www.21GramsMore.com for their Bio and music! 

You can follow & like 21 Grams More at www.facebook.com/21GramsMore


                                                                                  Watch the music video for Northern Lights below:


Article by JR McKeague 2019

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