Redhouse Recording
Check out the recording talents of Barry Mathers in his analog/digital studio based in Kelowna, BC

Redhouse Recording Check out the recording talents of Barry Mathers in his analog/digital studio based in Kelowna, BC

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WAIL Music Magazine was launched in spring of 2015 and since then has established itself as one of the most modern personal music promoting concepts that we have today. WAIL has made over 1 MILLION impressions on the behalf of independent musicians! The idea of “For Musicians, By Musicians” is  well received and respected by musicians and music enthusiasts alike.

One thing lacking on the modern music scene is media presence for the hard working artists who can devote their life to their music and still remain unknown. We're bringing you phenomenal artists from all around the world but most importantly we're giving these artists a chance to give their music exposure and put it where it belongs. In the ears, heads and hearts of the fans. 


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Top WAIL Tracks

The Press Gang is a wicked crossover metal/punk/classic metal band from Calgary, AB. Their new album Medusa 5 is an EXTREMELY entertaining collection of music to listen to. While you'll hear many familiar influencing sounds from all across the hard rock/metal genres throughout the decades, you'll hear it put together in a very unique, hard hitting and high energy way. WAIL is very proud to present their music to all who may have not had the pleasure of hearing them yet because these guys are the real deal. The Press Gang has heavy metal pumping through their veins and have been working hard, dedicated to their sound and contributing to KICKASS, local, live original music for 12 years and counting! Listen to these tracks and give these brothers/sister in metal some feedback! 

There are 5 albums available to stream on their bandcamp linked below! Throw one on and give them a share and a like on facebook!


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Dearfather bandpic

Dear Father

Dear Father is a solo acoustic artist from Langley, British Columbia. His debut album, "A Hundred Years," which was released in January 2017 through Ditto Music Canada, is a contemporary blend of folk music brought to life through Dear Father's…

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Debauchery 2

Debauchery Cannon 

Based out of: Salt Spring Island, BC 

Style: Progressive Metal / Death Metal 

Influences: Lamb of God, Meshuggah, Opeth, Amon Amarth, Periphery, Tesseract, Intervals 

Members: Kerri Hooper 

Debauchery Cannon is a one man band by Kerri…

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Joni Miller

Joni Miller is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. She's been holding down the bottom end on the bass for sometime, but also plays guitar and piano. 

Her EP "Modern Times" was released in July of 2016 and is available on…

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Dan Barracuda: Psychedelic Rock/Pop/Prog

Dan Barracuda creates a myriad of eclectic projects including rock bands, a silent film/live music ensemble, an electronic duo (People Can Fly), tribute bands (Ian & Dan), and an original theatrical rock production about dreams (The Pillow Men). Developing a…

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Throwing Down in Hells Basement

You know what I love about going to local shows? I love the vibe you get from the room when every band that hits that stage absolutely kills it in the little time they have. This to me is one of…

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Søltree creates a cosmic soundscape that provides an escape from the monotony of daily life. Jazmarae Beebe and Eve Berrington compose and perform their music with the intent of bringing science and spirit together. Each member acts as a multi-instrumentalist; weaving…

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Jack and The Darling Ones

If values like edginess, innovation and twisted creativity get your musical juices flowing, one need look no further than Dublin natives Jack and the Darlings One’s and their new single “Great and Terrible End”. A profound fusion of scat jazz and folk…

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Elevation Falls

Elevation Falls is a high energy female fronted dueling guitar hard rock band based out of Dublin, Ireland who are currently dominating their music scene! Fronted by Vocal Powerhouse Hazel Jade , Guitar Duo Chris Young & Darragh Shields along…

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Sun Mother

From the dawn-breaking machinations of early morning risers to the rallying cries of underground regents, SODO Seattle's own Sun Mother invites us to boogie on to the backbeat of their psychedelic funk.  Spurred on by the energy of one thousand…

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Iphone 5s 286

Crimson Caliber "Red Dawn Rising" EP Review

Old school thrash metalheads with a vicious attitude, killer grit-filled high energy guitar riffs and an intimidating, powerful vocal style! They are an extremely satisfying throwback to the angriest of '80s thrash sounds. We got our hands on their EP…

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Drug Of Choice

Drug of Choice is a five-member metal band out of Lakewood, Washington…which is South of Tacoma…which is South of Seattle...which is South of Canada. With one of the best, down to the point official bios I’ve ever seen, I have…

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Tides text

Static Shore Interview

WAIL interviews Seattle, Washington's indie electronica synth-pop group Static Shore!

In Static Shore who plays what? On our first album "Life and Love In The Hologram" (LLITH) and "Tides"(Coming April 7th), Shannon would write/record a vocal melody and lyrics on…

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Sin Camino

Houston’s Sin Camino never expected to become anything more than a few guys jamming in their spare time. After being picked up by Lamon Records Nashville in April 2016, that outlook changed. Singer/songwriter Chase West and Kevin Brown (Drums) met…

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Robb lunzmann

Rob B Stardust (RSD)

Genre: 808 Bass, Techhouse, Future Bass  

RSD has been playing music for 25 years. Everything that he works for is music, and producing high quality sounds. He enrolled into the Selkirk College of Music program in 2004 where he…

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TUBE SCREAMER: Silver-lining Electronic Music

As part of the great coalition of bassline music take over, Tube Screamer offers a grey area in house music, the not so classic glitch bass stabs over jacking beats, distorted guitars and psychedelic magnetic energy that drives more into dub and electro. Tube…

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Nuclear Oath is a badass name for a metal band, and they ARE a badass metal band! They are five guys from Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, and they play metal; thrash/death/nu-metal/hardcore/melodic metal to be more specific. WAIL took the opportunity to chat…

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Evil Ebenezer

Raw and real... Evil Ebenezer's chillin' style of rap/hip hop is a fresh breathe of Canadian mountain air. His catchy hooks and rhymes jab at you left and right teasing your brain with his lyrics. His musical career has given…Read more


With Saxon, sex, and mescaline listed as their influences, you know Aggression has to be good. If you like Venom, Cryptic Slaughter, and Morbid Angel, you’ll likely love Aggression. But…if you know of Venom, Cryptic Slaughter, and Morbid Angel, you…

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