World Class White Trash EP Review

Shawn from the Concrete Wasteland podcast here with an early review of the much anticipated release of extreme groove metal band World Class White Trash, and their EP "Dying in Slow Motion" due to be released digitally in the spring with a date to be announced later. 

I've been waiting for this one a long time, and for good reason. This EP is nothing short of incredible. Their biggest strength is that they never stick to one subgenre of metal when constructing their music, and it's very apparent in this EP. Throughout it's 5 Song run time you can hear elements of Nu Metal, Thrash, Death Metal, Grind, Sludge, Doom, Black, and Melodic Death Metal. The riffs to stay more toward the groovy side, but with whatever flavor they choose to use to enhance it further. The drumming is impeccable, and the leads sound amazing. The balance is damn near perfect, and Nathan Trash delivers some brutal but infectious lyrics that get stuck in your head for weeks on end. 

My only gripe with this EP is understandable knowing the subject matter. While the others four songs' structures felt like they were supposed to be how they are, the song "Scraping the Lid" felt like it dragged on for longer than it should have. Its most apparent in the solo of the song; while it adds a lot of character to the song, after a while it begins to lose it's energy. Still a great song though. 

Regardless of that, this is still a phenomenal EP that I highly recommend anyone reading this go out of their way to buy. It's that good. 

1. Burning Empire: Very groovy and catchy, infectious chorus, great breakdown, personal favorite 10/10 

2. Diseased: Very old school death metal and thrash based, a real Headbanger, blast beats are a nice accent and used tastefully, good shreddy solo. 9.5/10 

3. Scavenger God: Cool catchy intro riff with pinch harmonics, straight into a deathy section, inherent cannibal corpse vibes throughout, catchy chorus, cool interlude around half way, melodic solo, ends with an Amon Amarth vibe. 9/10 

4. Scraping the Lid: Eerie intro, slow brooding groovy verse, slower tempo than the other three, almost sludgy, solo brings a lot of flavor to the track but is a little too long toward the end. 8.5/10 

5. Thaw: Chaos incarnate, punishing riffs, a very violent and abrupt track, half time outro. 10/10 

Overall: 9.4/10

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