Hey It's Sloan Bones back on the trail for more amazing music by local musicians who are ready to bust out and show the world what their made of !

This band The Wooden Horsemen have lots going for them.   They have a tight acoustic sound and great vocal harmony between Steven Beddall and Missy Cross.  Steven Beddall (Guitar, Lead Vocals) started making songs for this band back in 2013. The band headed on tour in 2014 and on the road created more songs and upon returning revamped the lineup to include a second guitar and trumpet.  The three songs I've heard Be a Friend, Restless and Streets were tight concise and to the point . All three have a smooth folk feel but each have their own distinct message.  Steven's voice is so soothing and relaxed it just takes you to a nice place of happiness and you just get immersed in the song.

Now that the final pieces have been added to the band they're ready to record and show the world their new sound.   The Band is recording a new album and it should be out in the fall.  Wooden Horsemen are playing at the Fringe Festival on Sept 18th so check out their new lineup and new songs!

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Sloan Bones