2017 was the year for Vukovi. It may not be a name familiar to you yet, however, it won’t be long until they’re rocking the stadiums around the globe. They released their self- titled album on the 10th March 2017 with LAB records. In case you missed this wondrous album and needed the lo-down, don’t worry as it’s all here. 

You know you're in for some powerhouse anthems when the band name means 'Wolves' in Serbian. Strong, sleek and cutting, Vukovi truly personifies this and more. 

Formed in 2010 the self-proclaimed 'noisy pop rockers' have been cooking up a storm. And with good reason, as with riffs louder than Janine's blue hair, perfectly penned lyrics, unique vocals, plus a large dose of Scottish charm- it's hard to see why they wouldn't be en route to success. Their first EP released in 2011 called Try before you buy introduced us to their punchy, outspoken sound. Many would view 6 years between an EP and debut album is too long, however, it was worth the wait. 

The first song on the album 'La Di Da' is a strong introduction. It's a brilliant balance of loud riffs and a fuck you vibe, which Janine superbly carries off with blunt but relatable lyrics. This theme is carried throughout the album to the last song 'Colour me in', which at first listen seems out of place, however, it quickly becomes apparent through the chorus that the amount of riffs and heavy baseline is pared down. However, this allows the lyrics to really shine through and is still as attention-grabbing. The bridge picks up for a truly spectacular ending to their first release. 

'Weirdo' is a standout track, as it is all about celebrating your individuality. Many will be able to relate to it because too often we worry about fitting in and being "normal". It's so tongue in cheek, with lyrics such as "That girls a weirdo/can't be friends with that". By using no pronoun it's showing how people are often dehumanized for being different. Add the strong poppy melody mixed with even more riffs and you have the recipe for the perfect anthem. 

'I'm wired' also deserves a special mention, as much like 'Prey' it helps to show a darker side of the band which lies beneath the brightly colored exterior. Both deal with relationships gone awry and leaving you worse off than in the beginning. It contrasts with other songs on the album such as 'Animal', however, it is expertly done. It also showcases another dimension to Janine. She is far from being the damsel-in-distress from fairy tales we grew up with and can fight her own battles. In 'Boy George' she is quite literally said to be "ready for the fight". It's a breath of fresh air, as she could easily be counted as a role model, especially for young girls, with her kick-ass attitude.They truly don't disappoint. 

Vukovi is a unique sound and has mastered the hard balance between rock and pop. It seems laughable to think they've made history with this album. However with Janine's insistence that they aren't a 'female- fronted band' they're just a rock band, it is refreshing as their confidence carries through to all aspects. They are talented enough to stand out without being forced into a niche and are more than deserving of becoming the Alpha male of the rock pack. It is safe to say they will be the 'ones to watch' throughout 2018. 

Mill Whitfield - WAIL Music Magazine

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