The Stereo Anthems - Vancouver, BC   Blues Rock/Heavy Rock 

The Stereo Anthems is the brainchild of singer/guitarist Clayton Brown, drummer Aaron Kinsman and bassist Irv Loewen. Their track "Finding My Way" is packed with passion-fueled guitar interludes, powerful sharp drums, and smooth, raw vocals. The song "Walk Away" demonstrates this talented trio's ability to pair upbeat drum rhythms with romantic lyrical narratives. This particular track discusses themes of independence and autonomy, through soul filled vocal harmonies, and cleverly composed instrumentals.

A genuine showcase of these artists' collective heart and soul, "Walk Away" is a memorable track worthy of putting on repeat. Each track in their latest versatile release is unique and displays this band's ability to deliver diverse sounds in heavy rock and blues ambiance. Be sure to check out all the tracks on their page and see them live at venues across Western Canada.  - Jamie Rose McKeague

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Photos: © Keith Clark Photography