The Mayan Factor - Baltimore, MD - Progressive Rock 

The Mayan Factor is charismatic and progressively refined in their ability to compose music that resonates with themes of death, loss, grievance, angst and pain. Often embracing the shadow aspects of the human experience, their songs have diverse variety, each track a unique display of melancholic ambience and sombre celebration. In their latest music video "hOpe", animated by Francisco Enciso, Lenny Cerzosie Jr. showcases his dynamic vocal range and hauntingly beautiful acoustic guitar style. Jason Sage's powerful percussion accompaniment is also featured on this track alongside Brian Scott's soulful guitar skills, Kevin Baker's booming bass riffs, and Dan Angermaier's bold, intuitive drumming. The track, "Nothing Really" is sure to get stuck in your mind; featuring tight guitar solos, dynamic, ethereal vocal layering, and heavy hitting robust drum beats that bring depth and potency to the overall compilation of the track. "Hopi Elders" is haunting and progressive in delivery and atmosphere. Intrinsically layered harmonies, meaningful lyrical content, paired with strategically organized instrumentals create a surreal soundscape that takes listeners on an exploration of their internal worlds by means of the vehicle that is the collective soul of this band. Appealing to a vast range of audiences around the globe, The Mayan Factor is captivating, authentic and raw. Stay tuned for future releases from these gems. - Jamie Rose McKeague         

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