Tha Big Puffa- "Mary Jane: Tha EP" Review

Smokey & soulful, this EP starts off with "Fire (feat. Baedu)". This track is sultry, smooth & sets a relaxed vibe for the introductory atmosphere to this cannabis induced auditory journey. A very well put together track that captures the listener's attention. "T.H.C. (feat. Baedu)" comes in with a bouncier, more upbeat vibe. Its catchy and rhythmic, giving the album fresh hooks as it gains momentum. I think this track would pair up nicely with a fine sativa. At the same time it still continues this serene, laid back uplifting feeling although its quicker & upbeat. In the next track "The High (feat. Kentya Kurban)", the funk comes out in an airy fashion with Kentya's soft, fluttering vocal melodies. The drums groove out hard making this track difficult to NOT move to... making this our favorite & it will be featured on WAIL's TOP Tracks!

Slowing down the EP next with "Burn Out (feat. Baedu)", Tha Big Puffa brings a side of realism & skepticism to the table while keeping his cool, projecting a sense of calmness. A chillin' beat leading to an almost "still" chorus makes this an extremely satisfying track to listen to. "Burn Out" would be a great radio choice for a hip hop station to play on a hot summer day. Closing out the album with the streetstyle, quick and dreamy "Another Hit (feat. Gkane)", this track is almost an urban daydream kinda sound. The beat keeps kickin' it & it has an awesome head bobbin' bass line, bringing "Mary Jane: Tha EP" to an end.

Hearing this at a show, live & in the flesh would be prime! I'd give this album 5 out of 5 blunts! Check out the EP in online stores everywhere! 

J. Wesley - WAIL Music Magazine

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