Sun Mother

From the dawn-breaking machinations of early morning risers to the rallying cries of underground regents, SODO Seattle's own Sun Mother invites us to boogie on to the backbeat of their psychedelic funk.  Spurred on by the energy of one thousand sols in a mission to make each city they grace rediscover how to groove elemental, we can certainly hear the channelling of a new parliament in session.  The power trio is led by the grungy vocalizations and raunchy off-rail riffs sparking from Colbi Childs who is matched in intensity by the blindingly tight riddim section of Katrina Andersen on bass and Brandon Martinez on drums.  Urging us to pick ourselves up and shake our heineys we are left with no alternative as their pulsating funk rousingly drips anthemic.  Holding the initial flame that grew Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, and Rage Against The Machine into conflagrations and the accelerant influencement of George Clinton and The Mothership's ideals we are implored to bridge the gap between union and community, a rapport which can only be met on the dance floor. 

These tie dyed glimmering juggernauts are a force to be reckoned with one and all, summoning a sacred jive mojo from the furthest meditative reaches and spatial demarcations, the gospel of their electric church is on pure display on their new single "Pick Yourself Up".  We are treated to the broadstroked full measure of an equidistant atomic flight of vibes.  Their empowerment smiles ubiquitous, ensnaring us into the pacing of a galactic bop which could liven up even the most Spartan of danceshy warriors.  We hear the lyrical emanations of Child's entire being as he roars "If you don't wanna let yourself down, pick yourself up, and if you know what is right for you, you know what to do, pick yourself up."  We are left with no choice as the cymbals crash and the ascendis bass truly pick us up from the chairs and corners of the dance hall, and moves us front and centre into the round.  It is plain to see that these funkonauts will not deviate on their mission, and their recording from Old Rainier Brewery in SODO by Still Got It Studios proves what welcome taste is here and now. 

In the realm of dance music we have seen an almost mass exodus into the electronic worlds of computer sequenced beats and virtually sampled loops, it is a treat to be part of an organic esprit of funk, where hard hitting chords jangle in lively unison with an unrigid quantum of rhythmic zest.  Liven up your day by visiting to listen to Sun Mother's freshest single "Pick Yourself Up" and get lifted! 

Brahma Blue - WAIL Music Magazine


Sun Mother is:

Colbi Childs: VOX/Guitar                                 Katrina Andersen: Bass                              Brandon Martinez: Drums

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