Squidhammer Metal - New Music Video, "Chapter Two"

Brace for impact from the titanic dual of Headbanger Metal and Hard Rock N' Roll colliding in this badass sound! Squidhammer Metal is a powerful and extreme sound coming out of Watertown, Wisconsin. Formed by Jake Hiller on Vocals, and Guitarist, Jake Schultz, their combined aggressive styles of slithery, coarse metal-riffing and brutal vocals fuel a fierce, mighty, and rebellious style of headbanger metal. Scott Scharf on Bass, and Drummer, Brevin Becker fluidly add a mechanical, heavy, and tight sound with intricate timings, complex rhythms, and groovy blast-beat fills gripping and compelling you to thrash out! In 2018, they released their debut album, ‘Power Removal Service.’ The album showcases a new, fiery breed of hybrid metal with intensity drawn straight from groove metal, death metal, thrash metal, they combine the concepts seamlessly with a relentless hardass deliverance. Check out their website for physical copies and merch!

J. Wesley - WAIL

Get the Physical Album & Merch: https://www.squidhedz.com/

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