Sloppy Joe's - Hamburg, Germany - Rock

Sloppy Joe's is a blast of powerful melodies, dirty guitar riffs, edgy bass, and thundering drum beats driven with the catchy vocals of guitar player Jesse Garon. Johnny Angel (Bass) has a high-energy presence both on stage and in his bass lines. Pätzy Dävey (Drums) hits hard and smashes the skins for a ruckus of a rock n' roll sound. The hard rock power trio brings some rock n' roll soul to a modern sound derived from five decades of classic rock music.  These guys show what modern rock n' roll is all about with their powerful rock-infusions, and appealing highly-listenable tracks. Since the release of their first EP in 2013 the band has performed 100 live concerts in Europe!

Embed for Sloppy Joe's - Right Decision

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