Sin Camino

Houston’s Sin Camino never expected to become anything more than a few guys jamming in their spare time. After being picked up by Lamon Records Nashville in April 2016, that outlook changed. Singer/songwriter Chase West and Kevin Brown (Drums) met Kevin Bailey (Lead guitar) when their metal band won free studio time at Kevin’s recording studio for picking the best name for his new Gibson ES335 online. Their mutual disdain for the status quo in the music industry instantly became common ground for the three that has helped shape their sound, attitude, and approach to the music industry. 
The band began recording jam sessions at the studio merely for fun. “Being the singer for a metal band had it’s limitations. The way I write music and lyrics just isn’t fitting for metal” remarks Chase when asked about the band’s origins. The, at the time nameless, project was focused on bluesy licks and powerful vocals. Kevin and Chase began zeroing in on the recording and production of these songs, frequently testing the boundaries of industry standards. After producing a few of their songs, they stumbled upon the formula that became the “Sin Camino Sound”. The band decided to test the market and send their music to a few different radio stations. They were floored by the response. Within days they were picked up by radio stations worldwide to high acclaim. "Hearing your song on the radio is one of the greatest feelings in the world. It's like hearing it again for the first time" explained Brown about hearing “I’m Misery” on Valley 89.5FM in Canberra, Australia. 
Inspired heavily by the pioneers of the Seattle grunge scene, West’s chord progressions and lyrics typically have a darker tone which sets the stage for some of their almost symphonic backing tracks. To contrast the prevalent minor progressions, Kevin Bailey’s Hendrix and Vaughn inspired leads add a dimension to the music that is not often seen in popular music today. The Seattle Rock/Blues crossbreed that has become their calling card is only further cemented by Kevin Brown’s rock solid approach to percussion. 
“Without a Path”, the band’s first EP was released in January of 2017. Following the release, they plan on doing a regional tour supporting the EP. Their single, “Wakeup Call” was released prior to the EP and has been well received by their fans and has garnered much new support from across the globe. They are currently in the studio writing and recording new music to be featured in a full length album. The future for this trio is still unwritten. As the title of their EP suggests, Bailey remarks “We didn't have a path but now we are paving our own path and finding our own way.”

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