Rise As Legends

Rise as Legends is a melodic death metal outfit hailing from Fort Collins, on the north end of Colorado's majestic front range. Initially formed in 2015 as a metalcore project in the vein of Trivium and Avenged Sevenfold, the quartet's music quickly grew to reflect the primal power and beauty of their home state. Described by Denver metal writer Derek Pettinelli as "a progressive/technical melodic death metal band with the musical prowess to back up the long genre description," Rise as Legends' sound has evolved into a sophisticated juggernaut, captured in all its strength on their debut EP, "End of Ages". 

Released on February 9, 2018, the End of Ages EP was a project over a year in the making. After receiving new members Max Jonas Knaver and Adam Quijano in 2016, Rise as Legends had spent most of the past two years making a name for themselves as one of the premiere live acts on the Colorado metal scene. In late 2017, they finally joined forces with Klemesrud Productions to cement the breakneck speed and melodic flourish of their sound on recording. The captivating style of original members Chris Luera and Connor McLaughlin's songwriting, blended with the progressive tendencies of the new blood, make Rise as Legends' first release a unique and exciting aural experience. From hypersonic blast beats and bubbly fretless bass grooves to soaring choral refrains and serpentine guitar harmonies, there's something to please every metal fan on "End of Ages". 

Having made their mark as "a refreshing twist in the Northern Colorado metal scene," as described by Scene Magazine's Kelly Suda, Rise as Legends is set to expand both their sound and their sphere of influence with a forthcoming full-length album. The band's new material, continuing to incorporate new sounds inspired by everything from NWOBHM and crossover thrash to black metal and modern slam, has already begun to turn heads and start pits among local audiences. As this young act continues to mature and refine the art of high-intensity metal, many more surprises are sure to be in store for listeners everywhere.


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