Reverend Heathen StrangeFellow & The VaudeVille Vagabonds

WAIL Music Magazine shines spotlight on  
Reverend Heathen StrangeFellow & The VaudeVille Vagabonds 
Vancouver, BC 
Genre: Alt-Rock, World Fusion, Old Carnivale Circus Spectacle 
Influences: Tom Waits, Beats Antique 

Dr. Reverend Heathen StrangeFellow - Ringleader & Vocals 
Lavandaria L'Amour- Vocals 
Toby MisConception - Trumpet 
Pachiel Smith- Bari Sax 
Devo State- Bass Guitar 
Boomer Ng Glory - Drums 
Gogo Grego - Toy Piano

In the theme of Old Carnivale, Neo-Victorian, Vaudeville Madness, WAIL Music Magazine, presents 
 Reverend Heathen StrangeFellow & The VaudeVille Vagabonds!  
And this musical, theatrical, cabaret extravaganza experience, is nothing like you have ever seen before. Imagine, gritty grass roots Cirque du Soleil, in collaboration with a glitchy, diverse, swing/rock band.
Going strong for 4 years now, this project's early roots stem from  Mexican Street Theatre. Creator Hjeron O'Sidhe (aka. Dr. Reverend Heathen StrangeFellow) ran a circus retreat in Mexico, and brought those influences back to Nelson, BC, to begin a theatre project. At that point, Hjeron worked in collaboration with Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra for music. Later, Hjeron relocated to Vancouver, BC, and the whole band, Reverend Heathen StrangeFellow & The VaudeVille Vagabonds,  was formed. Hjeron is also the Founder of Mythmaker Productions, and has been facilitating sacred storytelling circus/theatre, for the last 15 years. 

If you enjoy oddities and absurdities, Reverend Heathen StrangeFellow & The VaudeVille Vagabonds, is sure to surprise your senses, and stir up your sensibilities.  
In this ever changing spectacle, where no two shows are alike, you just might see, wrestling werewolves, belly dancers and sword swallowing, game shows and fire dancing, circus acrobatics and clowning shenanigans. Meanwhile, these spectacles frame the stage for the truly unique band, complete with a Trumpet, Bari Sax, Bass, Drums and the Toy Piano, of course. 

With original tracks showcasing haunting harmonies, powerful progressions and a widely diverse array of sounds, this unique collaboration is blowing audience's minds with every show. They are also stimulating those minds as well. With their intentional lyricism and potent messages that encourage free thought and autonomy, this band will have you really reflecting on the messages. In the song Rat Race, for example, Reverend Heathen StrangeFellow asks, "isn't it about time, we all question everything?", encouraging listeners to break out of any ordinary, pre-constructed, pre-programmed, cookie-cutter-culture routine they may be trapped in, and take a running jump into a mosh pit of extraordinary bizarre, freak show clowns, instead. 

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Reverend Heathen StrangeFellow & The VaudeVille Vagabonds were spotted at the 4:20 Rally, April 2016, Vancouver BC, in front of a crowd of 25,000.  
They have also headlined The Parade of Lost Souls ( and the Steamposium, the largest Steampunk Event in the USA ( 

Reverend Heathen StrangeFellow & The VaudeVille Vagabonds 
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Written by JR McKeague (2016)