ODISSIA - Olympia, WA - Melodic Hardcore

ODISSIA is a four-piece melodic hardcore band based out of the Pacific Northwest city of Olympia, Washington. The band was originally started up in 2016 by Chris Hackett (guitarist) and Tony Barr (drummer) as a post-hardcore project. They had even gone as far as to release a rough demo titled "A Matter of Time," including an interlude titled "Rise An Anchor" written by Chris George of the Grayslake, Illinois band Sworn In. However, due to complications the songs were never publically distributed and the project remained a concept. 

ODISSIA, however, was back in motion once again though in 2017 when Chris called close friend and vocalist Joel Fortenberry, and current bassist Caelin Graham a guitarist who had auditioned before to join the project. After meeting up, jamming mutually and ironing some things out like deciding to temporarily step away from ODISSIA's original post-hardcore foundation to aim for a more melodic hardcore structure, the band was publically formed April 11th, 2017. 

ODISSIA began to write and soon after with Caelin’s help recording and Shawn Delong of Whiteout Sound Studios' help to mix and master, they released their first single "Regret" in July 2017. The band began to receive positive recognition from the general public as well as to the likes of Jessie Kirkbride of the Tampa, Florida band Traitors (whom which the band later played with in Seattle), shout-outs from a few smaller labels, and others boosting their social media reach until ODISSIA had eventually landed a record deal with ex Record Label, Hustle Til I Die Entertainment out of Flint, Michigan ran by owners Rich Wayne and Nate Diezel. With the help of Hustle Til I Die Entertainment's funding ODISSIA released one more single “ISOLATION” a month before the E.P. (Recorded by Caelin Graham, Mixed /Mastered by Shawn Delong of Whiteout Sound Studios) was officially released physically and digitally October, 13th 2017. 

Within the E.P.’s first week ODISSIA had caught notable figures attention such as Frankie Palmeri of the band Emmure tagging Chris Fronzak of the band Atilla and owner of Stay Sick Recordings on Twitter tweeting "Sign These Guys", which led to Chris Fronzak calling the band directly to chat. Dan Watson (ex-vocalist) of Infant Annihilator and (current vocalist) of Enterprise Earth and Mirelore praising the band on the release and other notable figures looking their way. With big names recognizing their release, help from other bands, and receiving positive feedback from many online media outlets, ODISSIA began to officially solidify a fan base. 

After playing the E.P. live throughout late 2017 - early 2018 ODISSIA has already started writing for their first full-length album, set to release in 2019. Expect big changes, a single more than likely late 2018, possible line-up additions as well as transitions, music videos and an expansion of the melodic hardcore sound ODISSIA is most known for. In the meantime find ODISSIA's E.P. online on all major platforms.

Photos: Justin Knoll

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