Lucky Monkey - Live at Vancouver Island Tattoo Festival

WAIL got the chance to meet up with Lucky Monkey at the Vancouver Island Tattoo festival. Despite a lot going on between DJ's, burlesque dancers and the sound of fifty tattoo machine, they sounded absolutely phenomenal. It's always super inspiring to hear a band that sounds just as awesome playing live as they do in their recordings. You may have seen them in the first issue of WAIL and it won't be the last you hear of them as they are making a great name for themselves with their kickass, original, modern style of rock n' roll. We got to chat with the guys after the show amidst their shenanigans (Josh Evans, drummer of course), and got a sneak peek from powerhouse singer, Kassidy Hritzulk of their upcoming EP and trust us it will hit you like a tidal wave. Ryan Zeleznik throws down some rock riffs like he plucked them straight out of a classic late 70s rock hit and Dylan Losell adds a ton of groove and laid back feel to the sound. If you haven't heard their tracks, "So Far Away" or "I'm Done with You," here's your chance to have a taste of their powerful melodic sounds. Check out some pictures and videos from the show! Make sure to follow them on social media for updates on their upcoming release.


Embed for Lucky Monkey - So Far Away