Liberatia - Victoria, BC - Thrash/Death Metal

With all the blazin' fury they have to offer, Liberatia has struck a vicious nerve and created one behemoth of a metal sound. All the viciousness of thrash, the heaviness of death metal and tied together with the intensity and impact of modern metal. These guys take you on an exhilarating journey, switching off brutal growls, wrathful screams and extreme thrash melodies, blistering and stirring melodic guitar solos, and all the pounding double-kicks, fills and blast-beats you could ask for. This is an excellent new, strain of some potent BC metal. Deadly, razor-sharp guitar riffs drive this material into a fiery frenzy with immense breakdowns and solos of epic proportions. The thick, looming bass lines add a mammoth, vengeful feeling to their sound. The vocals are remarkably diverse and reach great lengths of different levels of tone, packing a massive punch and adding a ton of dynamic. Machine-gun blasting tempos, lightning fast triplets and intricate thrashy fills make the drums a psychoactive ingredient in this group driving the listener into a beat-induced-euphoria. Formed in Courtenay, BC in 2014, Liberatia recently moved to Victoria, BC in the hopes of pushing their music to a new level and reach a larger audience in the city's thriving music scene. This Summer they released their debut album, 'The Keeper' on CD and major music platforms and is a MUST-LISTEN-TO for any headbanger!

J. Wesley - WAIL

Liberatia is:
Aiden Shepherd - Bass/Vocals
Craig Ford - Guitar/Vocals
Trylan Foulkes - Guitar
Lyden Buttnor - Drums


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