Joe Rhinewine

If you like music that challenges the banality of most of today’s boring “all the same” soulless pop offerings, and you hanker for the glory days when artists could experiment and challenge you with something original that doesn’t pander to the usual set of musical rules, then Joe Rhinewine's music is for you. 

Now based in Portland, Oregon Joe Rhinewine is just as interesting as his music. A renowned practicing clinical psychologist, Joe’s life journey has taken him from growing up in New York, pursuing a living as a musician but giving that up at 17 years old, to living around the world, becoming fluent in Mandarin and Hebrew, Buddhist Meditation and eventually back to creating eclectic soundscaped songs that feature beautifully layered guitars and retro-styled improvisations. 

Joe Rhinewine is influenced by the freedom of expression that artists such as Brian Eno, Robert Fripp / King Crimson, Lou Reed / The Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd, Laurie Anderson and Frank Zappa enjoyed. These were all artists that refused to compromise, often upsetting the faceless A&R Managers at their labels….and they were all the more interesting for it.

Embed for Joe Rhinewine - Too Much