Jacob VanKnowe - Spokane, WA - Hard Rock

Jacob VanKnowe has performed all throughout the Northwest and has played music since he was very young, performing in front of a live audience at just 10 years old. Jacob primarily plays hard rock but has a love for many genres ranging from acoustic, blues, grunge, punk rock, thrash metal, and everything in between with his band JACOB VANKNOWE MUSIC but he can occasionally be found performing solo acoustic shows as well. Jacob is an amazing vocalist thanks to intently studying classical singing from professional vocal teachers (Norilee Kimball and Nancy Klingman) and even sang in a choir even in his youth to consistently develop his vocal skills. He has performed with many national touring acts such as Motograter, Hemlock, and Blacktop Mojo and Lee Dewyze. Jacob's band is grateful for all their experiences playing with many talented artists. Jacob's major ambition is to perform and make a career out of performing to be able to spread the music he loves with as many people as he can and to be able to impact peoples' lives in a positive way. As soon as WAIL came in contact with Jacob's music we were sure to keep a close eye on him as big things can be expected to come from his music! With an impressive amount of guitar skill and a diverse passion for music, its no surprise Jacob's motto is: LIVE FAST, SHRED HARD!

J. Wesley - WAIL

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