J. Wesley

Powerful... A word thrown around by many artists. How often does the word actually hit home? Well, in the case of J. Wesley it's like a bullseye, dead center and bang on. His tasteful mix of reggae-esque melodies and Incendiary Rock overtones is such a breath of fresh air in this land of carbon copied cut out artists. A true Original. Then there's his powerful vocal chops. Every track is heart felt and determined, purposeful yet whimsical. He effortlessly keeps your ear tuned in and turned on. The fresh feeling you get from his songs will have you humming his melodies long after the track has ended. 

Born in Vancouver and raised in Western Canada, his musical pedigree stems from early exposure to many different cultures. Music was and continues to be the biggest part of his life. 

Exposure to music in his early years helped to solidify his deep connection to all things musical. His desire to improve, create and express have led him down a path of excellence and determination. And, here he is today, standing among giants. Proving his worth with every beautiful song, every heart felt melody and every insanely catchy riff. You can instantly here the unique nature of his musical style, and his songs reach across all boundaries of genre. 

Found within his pieces, there is an infusion of many styles. Reggae vibes in some, Jazz in others. His love of rock grooves, blues, even Latin feels, all the way to the rhythm patterns found in electronica. He refuses to be labelled and his music stands alone! 

The core of his music is wrapped up in the lyrics. Past experience plays a role in all of it, as he shares his experiences and outlook though his songs. Pieces like "Gypsy Child" and "Isabelle" dig into his past and usher the listener into moments that everyone can relate to. His persistent questioning of this world can be heard on tracks like "Question Everything", "Why Can't Love Be God?" and "Subconscious Surrender".These songs are cradled by tracks touching down on love, life and loyalty. You can hear this in tracks like "Beautiful Fallacy", "Tied at the Tail", "I'll Bring the Rain" and "Babe, I'm Not Gonna Leave You". They explore ways of thinking to overcome real life struggles creating your own reality and not letting the harsh cruel parts of existence take over your consciousness. Very personal and gifted in depth, these pieces of his soul are put to the beat of his heart. All of this is mixed together with 

intense, powerful vocal techniques that are rarely heard in music anymore and a deep desire to spread love and awareness throughout the world. It simply creates a one of a kind musician and performer. Once you listen to his songs, you come to one simple conclusion. There's only one J. Wesley.

-Morgan Toutant, WAIL Music Magazine

Photography: (Left) Matt Robertson, (Right) Nicole Cullen

Facebook: facebook.com/jwesleynesta 
Twitter: @jwesleyofficial 
Instagram: #jwesleymusic 
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCST3FeSD58AEkuuJXFoCzKQ 
Website: jwesley.bandcamp.com