Isolated Ave - Las Vegas, NV - Alternative

Isolated Ave is an infectious alternative rock band with a diverse range of feel throughout their tracks. Boasting an original, highly-listenable sound, they are driven to putting their everything into creating a submersible live show experience. Their sound is always evolving and they are constantly pushing themselves to explore different atmospheres within their music. Their diversity extends to the lyrical content in their music as well with songs about serious issues as well as fun light-hearted rock tracks to let loose with. Below you'll find the track "Window"  from their new release 'Contact EP.' Be sure to check out the whole EP on their Bandcamp! 



Chris Eckert: Vocals, Guitar                                                   Photo: Kyra Uniejewski
Matthew Pomischowski: Drums 
Matthew Shapiro: Bass 
Dylan Garcia: Guitar, Vocals

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