High Horse - Kelowna, BC - Math/Fuzz Rock 

As die-hard deviants when it comes to music styles, High Horse is an outlandish anomaly of a project. It's so rare to hear such an offbeat yet infectious sound at the same time that it's almost surreal. On guitar, Brian Looney explores an endless array of atmospheres with droning melodies, groovy riffs, and smashingly heavy riffs. Robert McLaren is one of the most active bassists you'll ever hear. Adding a ton of feel, he expands the trio's euphoric sound to rapturous levels. Drummer, Andy Ashley is everywhere and everything you could ask him to be.. This guy's straight-up omnipotent behind the kit. With the amount of feel and articulately detailed choreography between the three members in their debut LP, 'Good Food' is nothing short of a masterpiece. Whether they're plunging into a psychedelic pool of tranquility or tearing the walls down in a raucous explosion of sound, the only thing predictable about their music is that it will blow your mind! -  J. Wesley

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