Have Not Jones - Jacksonville, FL - Hip-Hop

Chase "Have Not" Jones was brought up in the small town of Springville, Alabama. "Have Not Jones" refers to the long, rough road he's endured in his experience and he goes by that name to represent those of us who have been outcasted and put down by family, so-called friends, the system, and society. He runs with a down-to-earth crew who have always had very little but strive to be the best they can be, to come together and innovate despite being, "Have Nots." We asked him about his inspiration for his music and he said, "We aren't afraid to be ourselves and stand for our beliefs. Most of my influence comes from Boston hardcore and 2pac. I want to inspire with my music, teach and bring back real music and hip-hop. Fuck money, fuck fame, I do it for the love and it's my therapy." Check out a couple tracks and check out Have Not Jones on social media for more tracks! You'll be stoked on his raw & real style of hip-hop along with the lyrical flow of his self-produced music.

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Embed for Have Not Jones - Disaster Piece Embed for Have Not Jones - Nutcase