Hailing from Bend, Oregon, and fabricated by best friends with a passion to thrash, create Extreme Metal, and who have very high aspirations to make it big in the music industry. Two piece Melodic Blackened Thrash Metal band Gravewitch composed of Guitarist / Vocalist - Chris Fleming, and Drummer - Andrew Ingraham, bring forth a sinister, punishing sound like you have never heard before. With their current release being the “Soul Reaper Ep” the raw power and blistering speeds of Gravewitch may remind you of classic Thrash Metal acts like Kreator, Testament, and Death Angel, to where as the melodic riffs may remind you of bands such as  Amon Amarth, StarKill, Thulcandra, and Skeletonwitch. With Gravewitch being a duo. you don’t have to worry about lack of sound, considering it is just as full as a band with three or more members. The young talent in this band can be compared to the likes of bands who have been playing shows, and who have been producing music for decades.